Japanese Classes
Japanese is an East Asian language spoken by about 128 million people, primarily in Japan, where it is the national language. Japanese Language is spoken in Korea, Taiwan, Philippines and various Pacific islands. If you are able to speak, read and write in Japanese, you will have very good career opportunity within Japan as well as outside of Japan.

Though it is rated most difficult language, the language is very popular in the current scenario for various job opportunities and higher studies.

NCD language academy is very well known for its Japanese language classes in Chennai. We excel at teaching Japanese Language to students and working professionals.
We at NCD Language Academy also cater to the coaching for JLPT Exams. 

At NC Daruma Japanese Classes in Chennai, we have experienced trainers who can teach you Japanese Language and make you an expert conversationalist. Our main focus is to improve your conversation and communication in Japanese Language through discussions and other interactive methods.





JLPT Basic Level N5

 6 months / weekends

INR 7,400 

INR 600

JLPT Basic Level N4

 6 months / weekends

 INR 9,300 

INR 700

  JLPT Intermediate Level N3

 12 months / weekends

 INR 12,000

INR 1,000

  JLPT Advanced Level N2

 12 months / weekends

 INR 16,200

INR 800

 Japanese Conversation

Individual Person / Timing will be communicated separately

 INR 15,000


 Japanese Business

5 hours
[or along with the Japanese Course selected]

INR 3,000 
[FREE if selected with a Japanese Course]


① Other Videos and print-outs are covered within the above course fee. 
② Exam fee is separately paid during the exam registration to Japanese Government.