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German Classes in Chennai

German language Course in Chennai

・ Do Join our NCD german language classes in Chennai to become fluent in german. Call us to know more details about the German demo class (+91) 8056110830.
・ German is the hub of Indian students and working professionals who want to settle over there. so is learning German is mandatory in order to become a local community.
・ Europeans are more friendly when you speak there language and to live and study there, learning German is not at all a bad idea.
・ At NCD Language Academy, the teaching method and the way we convey the language is completely different in our German language classes in Chennai.
・ Our german trainers are very well experienced and they are more often going to German to take classes over there also available to take German language course in Chennai for NCD Academy.
・ What could be satisfied more than to learn German from the one who is taking classes in German as well. You will become fluent in German at NCD academy.

German Learner's Examination

・The German SD Level Examination* is the beginner level examination that follows the guidelines of Common European Framework of Reference framed and governed by the Council of Europe for all European languages.

・There are 6 Levels according to the framework for all European languages.

Levels A1, A2 - Beginner Level [SD Levels] Levels B1, B2 - Intermediate Level Levels C1, C2 - Advanced Level ・Across the world, a number of Institutions conduct these exams online and offline.

In India, the CEFR based exams are conducted by Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan at all Metros - Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai, Bangalore and Pune.

・In Chennai, the Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan located at Nungambakkam conducts the German A1 to C2 exams.

Levels of German Language Certification

・ Level 1: German A1 Certification
・ Level 2: German A2 Certification
・ Level 3: German B1 Certification
・ Level 4: German B2 Certification
・ Level 5: German C1 Certification
・ Level 6: German C2 Certification

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