About Us - NCD Language Academy in Chennai
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But to tell you, why us? is simply that we recognize the choice you make and we respect that.

We don't believe in force feeding people and only ask that you learn the language out of genuine interest. The interest might be to just have fun learning and exploring a new language, or to improve your career value. But only if you have interest can you benefit wholly from learning this beautiful language.

We respect the money you pay us and we want to see you feel the complete satisfaction of having done the deed in a worthwhile manner.

But to explain our merits to you :
・We are located in one of the Metros of India, Chennai. Our base is currently Ambattur & we soon plan to branch out to city. So easy access to both city and remote outlet people.
・We have experienced teachers and Japanese Translator and Interpreter with a rich industrial experience.
・ We can provide you the advice and information on the need of the hour as to what the Japanese Industries, be it IT, Retail or Manufacturing expects of your CV.
・ We provide a lot of practice from the exam point of view and we assure to help you deliver the best results at the JLPT Exams.
・ Our classes are digitally equipped and we believe in conducting more audio, video sessions to help improve & learn the language through listening and watching.
・ We always keep ourselves and you updated on the information on growth of Japanese economy in India, the Indo-Japan expansion projects and the market trend.

To give you a preview on the present day market trend of Japanese language necessity and growth in India, refer the table below.

Source: DIPP, Japan Cell (www.dipp.nic.in) This table above gives you a perspective of how and which industries of Japan dominate the growth most in India. Again in the year 2011, when analyzed, the following data showed up as Japan being the Top 6th investor in India following Mauritius, Singapore, U.S, U.K and Netherlands. The below report shows which companies hold the leading leash and what can be expected of the future in terms of rising Japanese Industrial trend in India. Source: DIPP, Japan Cell (www.dipp.nic.in) We hope this provides you a valuable information on the rising trend and necessity of the Japanese learned individuals in India. When consulted the Wikipedia surveys, it shows that by the year 2006, for every 100 Japanese Translator jobs there were only 20 translators available in India. We at NC Daruma Language Academy aim at utilizing this situation to the fullest by giving the best Japanese education and ensuring the placement of our students in the right opportunities.

Contact : contact@ncdlanguageacademy.com